Shaping the Land

My poem ‘Shaping the Land’ was recently published in The Fourth River. It is one of many eco poems I’ve been working on over the past year, with a collection in the works. It’s fierce, unapologetic and its message is clear. 

Ecological concerns have always been there for me. Growing up in Australia I’ve witnessed countless environmental injustices – from the senseless logging of old-growth forests in Tasmania, to trodden Aboriginal land rights in Esperance, Western Australia. I was also an active member of Greenpeace and The Wilderness Society in the early 2000s, and passionately involved in environmental rights movements during this time.

Read the poem.

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About Me

Jakob Ryce is an award-winning writer and teacher from Melbourne, Australia. He has a B.A. in English Lit, and his work has been published in On The Premises, Drunk Monkeys, The Fourth River, and the Wyndham Writing Awards. He released his first book of poetry in 2021 and has since been working on a follow-up, including a debut novel.


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